Alagathian soldier

Angel Soldier


Low ranking angels that make up the bulk of Alagaths army. They are extremely evasive, and tend to wear down their enemies by jabbing at them from afar with their polearms.


Other than prodding you with a sharp stick, and sometimes prodding you very rapidly with a sharp stick, Angel Soldiers will charge up a magic attack, manifesting as a 3-hit circular area in front of them. They also summon one holy wisp upon sighting you.


Dropped ItemsEdit

Polished Stone
Angel Sapphire
Lesser Angel Spirit

Angel Soldiers are an angelic mob that likes to play keep away until they are ready to attack. Their combat range is medium distance. They are moire of a harassing enemy and not too strong.

It's best to deal with them before fighting other enemies or navigating platforms.

Valdis Story AC (Angel Demo)

Valdis Story AC (Angel Demo)