Azudor is one of the bosses of Valdis Story: Abyssal City. It appears twice in the game, in Tagrum Derelicts , as the first boss, and in the Mana Crystal Mine.

Patterns :Edit

- Azudor will always to hit you as soon as the battle begins, you can block, parry, magic block, or skill cancel to avoid the first attack, but I'd recomment skill cancel or parry since it allows you to retaliate.

- When reaching 1/3 of his life bar, he will climb up and send you fireballs until you land at least 1 hit on him. Pro strat 1) : if you push him away enough from the platforms, you can skip his fireball phases without him interrupting you, but needs a really good DPS -2) Or you can watch its life bar and climb on the main platform when you see it has reached 1/3, and hit him before he fires.

- He summons minions while climbing, if you have difficulties beating this boss I'd recommend beating them one by one while Azudor fires.

Rewards :Edit

1st encounter:

  • S Rank : +1 STR
  • A Rank : +2 ATK

2nd encounter:

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Controller Test (Azudor God Slayer Mode)

Controller Test (Azudor God Slayer Mode)