The Cleric Vestments is an angelic armor that has no defense, but very high resist and an increase to Int, Str, and Luck. Your spells gain more spell ruin the emptier your Mp bar is.


It's located in the Western Skyway, outside of the boss room and must be reached through a combination of Device Door and Mana Door.


Spells gain 0.5 Spell Ruin for every 1% of Max Mp missing.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+17 Resist +34 Resist +51 Resist
+1 Int +3 Int +5 Int
+1 Str +2 Str +3 Str
+1 Luck +2 Luck +3 Luck

Materials NeededEdit

Upgraded at Reyga's Light Armory in Hrukk

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Magician's Cape 1 x Magician's Cape
2 x Soft Cloth 5 x Soft Cloth
1 x Silk Cloth 3 x Silk Cloth
1 x Spirit Stone 3 x Spirit Stone
1 x Greater Angel Spirit 6 x Greater Angel Spirit
1 x Saint's Opal 4 x Saint's Opal