The Deadman's Fury is a demon armor that has no defensive stats whatsoever. It provides a small boost to Str and Int. A unique feature is that you gain fury with every attack, and when you reach max fury you gain fire damage to your melee attacks, life leech, and extra critical damage.  Your fury resets to zero when you're hit.


In Ziggurat. In the room before Demon Widow mini boss behind a Mana Switch.


Gain fury every attack. Fury adds fire damage to physical attacks(this includes melee attacks and things with hybrid damage, i.e. Wyatt's arrow attack, Vladyn's guns).

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+1 Str +3 Str +5 Str
+1 Int +2 Int +3 Int
At Max Fury gain +5 % Life Leach +10 % Life Leach +15 % Life Leach
At Max Fury gain +10% Critical Damage +20% Critical Damage +30% Critical Damage

Materials Needed Edit

Upgraded at Durga's Dark Armory in Hrukk.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Warrior's Plate 1 x Warrior's Plate
3 x Iron 6 x Iron
1 x Steel 5 x Steel
2 x Lesser Demon Spirit 5 x Lesser Demon Spirit
1 x Greater Demon Spirit 2 x Greater Demon Spirit
2 x Devil's Onyx 4 x Devil's Onyx