The Dreadnought Armor is a demonic armor that provides a moderate defense, low resist, a boost to armor ruin, and small increase to Str, Agi, and Luck.  After a successful parry, the next melee attack will have increased damage.


It's located in the Mana Crystal Mine. In a chest behind a Demon Door at the room to the right of the save room.


Parrying increases damage of next melee attack.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+11 Armor +22 Armor +33 Armor
+3 Resist +6 Resist +9 Resist
+5 Armor Ruin +10 Armor Ruin +15 Armor Ruin
+2 Str +4 Str +6 Str
+1 Agi +2 Agi +3 Agi
+1 Luck +1 Luck +1 Luck

Materials NeededEdit

Upgraded at Durga's Dark Armory in Hrukk.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Warrior's Plate 1 x Warrior's Plate
3 x Iron 6 x Iron
1 x Steel 5 x Steel
2 x Lesser Demon Spirit 5 x Lesser Demon Spirit
1 x Greater Demon Spirit 2 x Greater Demon Spirit
2 x Demon Ruby 4 x Demon Ruby