Ishk is the third and final town in the main story line.

Leads to

It should be noted that after a certain amount of time has been spent, the mana heater of Ishk will break. If it is not fixed in a few hours, the town will be abandoned.


Ishk features three shops and an upgrader.

Sezzi's SmithyEdit

Once you recieve his hammer, Sezzi will upgrade the Great Blade Purgatory for Wyatt, and the Monk's Staff for Reina. These upgrades follow a defined path so be careful what you choose. 

Strange ChildEdit

Sale Item Stock Price
Saint's Opal 4 4 Angel Sapphire
Devil's Onyx 4 4 Demon Rubys
Large Emerald 4 10 Polished Stone

Alk's Trade Post (Alk)Edit

Sale Item Stock Price
Silken Cloth 5 3 Soft Cloth
Steel 5 3 Iron
Health Charm 1 2 Demon Ruby, 2 Polished Stone, 2 Rough Cloth
Mana Charm 1 2 Angel Sapphire, 2 Polished Stone, 2 Rough Cloth

Micia Micia's Magic Accessories (Micia Micia)Edit

Sale Item Stock Price
Bloodletter Crest 1 5 Iron, 5 Demon Ruby, 2 Devil's Onyx, 4 Lesser Demon Spirit, 2 Greater Demon Spirit, 1 Arch Demon Spirit
Crusader Amulet 1 5 Iron, 5 Angel Sapphire, 2 Saint's Opal, 4 Lesser Angel Spirit, 2 Greater Angel Spirit, 1 Arch Angel Spirit
Weighted Bracelets 1 5 Steel, 10 Polished Stone, 4 Lesser Feral Spirit, 2 Greater Feral Spirit
Templar Bracer 1 5 Iron, 5 Spirit Shard, 3 Steel, 3 Spirit Stone, 3 Greater Angel Spirit