Jahzracht the Purifier is the boss of the Guardian Temple area.



  • Jumps into the air, lands and shoots fire to the sides. Easy to jump over.
  • Summons a fire storm that sucks the player into the centre. Hide in the corners of the arena and move side to side to avoid lasers.


  • Any ice attack will prevent his shield from charging. This allows for higher combos with out the need of worrying of the explosion from the charging shield. 
  • Enchanting your weapon with ice is the easiest way to kill him. 
  • His fire storm attack can be interrupted with the air ice spell (ice bolt), knocking him to the ground and completely stopping the storm. This can be used to defeat him much faster and get the S rank time. To land the hit, you have to climb on top of the fire shooters on the walls. Whether this works with any long range attack is untested.


A highly decorated Demon General known for his thorough methods. After a battle he would burn down enemy encampments and villages until all you could see for miles around were plains of ash,