Magus sprite

Magus the Hymnal is a boss from the Western Skyway area.



  • Attack the stone at the top of the arena when the blue bar is full to prevent her from healing. It will be present at the start of the fight, so just jump up and kill it immediately.
  • Spawns magic swords that fly directly at you and ethereal versions of herself that will try to slash you; easy to block, but can overwhelm you when you are jumping up to hit the crystal, especially the swords which increase in number to 3 at a time as the fight goes on, hitting you mid-jump and making you fall all the way to the ground. While spawning ethereal versions of self, the Magus is temporarily unhittable until the clone dissipates.
  • Will spawn seraphs when reaching about 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 health; if they are near her, they will put a shield on her, so kill them with dark magic or Solar Beam (if on Reina) quickly.
  • Sometimes blocks, taking two light attacks then parrying. Can jump over her, but sometimes she will turn around for no apparent reason to take your hits and parry.
  • Uses Reina's Aegis (spawns yellow circle around her that damages you if you touch). While using it, if you have a buff spell up or use any spell, the Magus will use a "spell steal," giving her higher resistances for a period of time.


Few can claim to be more devout to the light than the Angel General, Magus. She became known as 'The Hymnal' when she was blessed with the power to sing the words in her holy book into existence.


Valdis Story Abyssal City - Magus Boss Fight - Veteran S Rank

Valdis Story Abyssal City - Magus Boss Fight - Veteran S Rank