The Murderous Raiment is a demonic armor that provides little defense and resistance, but an increase to cause critical hits and small boost to Agi, Int, and Luck.  While worn, any critical attack gives your next offensive spell a bonus to damage.


It's located in the Tagrum Derelict of the Tagrum District.  It's in the room after fighting the first ogre and meeting Atalan for the first time, it's also across from the Skull Door that leads to the Western Skyway.  It is located behind a locked Device Door that requires the Skill Cancel technique to open.


Critical attacks give your next magic spell a damage bonus

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+3 Armor +6 Armor +9 Armor
+7 Resist +14 Resist +21 Resist
+5% Critical chance +10% Critical chance +15% Critical chance
+2 Agi +4 Agi +6 Agi
+1 Int +2 Int +3 Int
+1 Luck +2 Luck +3 Luck

Materials NeededEdit

Upgraded at Durga's Dark Armory in Hrukk.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Rogue's Cowl 1 x Rogue's Cowl
2 x Rough Cloth 4 x Rough Cloth
1 x Soft Cloth 2 x Soft Cloth
3 x Lesser Demon Spirit 6 x Lesser Demon Spirit
1 x Greater Demon Spirit 3 x Greater Demon Spirit
2 x Demon Ruby 5 x Demon Ruby