This is one of Wyatt's possible weapons.


-25% Attack Dmg / +10% Crit Chance / +Backstab Dmg

(This is constant on all upgrades)

The default affinity for this weapon is Dark. However, if you take the Raven's Nail upgrade path, it becomes a neutral weapon (Dark Affinity +0, essentially). This is useful if you want to maintain a Light affinity. On the other hand, taking the Raven's Call upgrade path increases its Dark Affinity.

Materials NeededEdit

Purchased from and upgraded by Dave Mac in the Library

On subsequent playthroughs a Jet Black Feather is added to the Lv 2 upgrade and possibly further stages. The upgrade pattern is two tiered, if you choose Raven's Nail then you will only be able to upgrade into the Claw and then Talon afterwards.

Lv.1 3x Iron, 1x Rough Cloth, 1x Jet Black Feather
Raven's Quill

Dark Affinity +3

Lv.2 6x Iron, 2x Rough Cloth, 2x Steel, 1x Soft Cloth 6x Iron, 2x Rough Cloth, 2x Greater Demon Spirit, 1x Spirit Stone
Raven's Nail

+5% Crit Dmg

Raven's Call

Dark Affinity +5

+Lv.1 Poison

Lv.3 9x Iron, 4x Rough Cloth, 1x Tamahagane, 4x Steel, 2x Soft Cloth 9x Iron, 4x Rough Cloth, 1x Tamahagane, 4x Greater Demon Spirit , 2x Spirit Stone
Raven's Claw

+10% Crit Dmg

+1 Agi

Raven's Shriek

Dark Affinity +7

+Lv.2 Poison

+5% Affliction Chance

Lv.4 12x Iron, 5x Rough Cloth, 2x Tamahagane, 6x Steel, 3x Soft Cloth 12x Iron, 5x Rough Cloth, 2x Tamahagane, 6x Greater Demon Spirit , 3x Spirit Stone
Raven's Talon

+Critical Damage Lv.3 / +2 Agi

+1 Skill Cancel

Raven's Howl

+Lv.3 Poison / +10% Affliction Chance

+Arrow Dmg