Tagu the Juggernaugt
is one of the bosses of Valdis Story: Abyssal City. It appears in the Ancient Mausoleum.

Patterns : Edit

- Tagu starts the fight with a "short jump" which explodes on impact. You can skill cancel through it easily or just walk away.

- The punch pattern is the easier, just skill cancel through it, and it's slow enough to let you retaliate.

- The laser pattern is always followed up by a small jump + explosion. Be careful not to rush into it.

- The great jump has a weakness : you can see Tagu shadow and know where she will land.

- You can skill cancel through the little yellow traps the drone sets on the battlefield, this move deletes them.

If you have Reina : just use Divine shield against every single pattern. It makes wild combos, damage heavily the boss' shield, and is spammable with Faolan regenerating your MPs.

Rewards : Edit

  • S rank : +5 Armor

Lore Edit

One of the two twin sisters that underwent an experimental procedure using Spirit Crystal technology only found in Sitheil. The Spirit crystals are used to amplify their powers allowing them to move giant suits of armor.

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Valdis Story A.C

Valdis Story A.C. ( Tagu Boss Demo )