The Wanderer Raiment is a balanced armor that provides little defense, but confers a small increase to critical damage, Str, and Agi.  After killing an enemy, you will recieve a buff to damage for a short time.


It's located in the Frozen Crypts of the Mausoleum District. It's in the second room when you first enter Frozen crypt and meet the ice witch.  It is guarded by an obstacle course of feral monsters and locked Mana Doors.


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+7 Armor +14 Armor +21 Armor
+3 Resist +6 Resist +9 Resist
+10% Critical damage +20% Critical damage +30% Critical damage
+1 Str +2 Str +3 Str
+3 Agi +6 Agi +9 Agi
Kills grant bonus damage for 5 seconds 7 seconds 9 seconds

Materials Needed Edit

Upgraded by Myzzi in the Execution Hall.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Rogue's Cowl 1 x Rogue's Cowl
2 x Rough Cloth 4 x Rough Cloth
1 x Soft Cloth 2 x Soft Cloth
3 x Lesser Feral Spirit 6 x Lesser Feral Spirit
1 x Greater Feral Spirit 3 x Greater Feral Spirit
4 x Polished Stone 7 x Polished Stone