Warlock Vestments

The Warlock Vestments is a demonic armor that gives little armor, moderate defense, a small boost to affliction chance, and an small increase to Int and Agi.  While in Focus Mode, all 'Dark' class spells do more damage during a higher combo rating.


It's found in the Abandoned Gardens , in the room with the poison witch and is locked behind a Mana Gate.


(Focus Mode) +Damage to 'Dark' class spells with higher combos.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
+3 Armor +6 Armor +9 Armor
+10 Resist +20 Resist +30 Resist
+5% Affliction Chance +10% Affliction Chance +15% Affliction Chance
+2 Int +4 Int +6 Int
+1 Agi +2 Agi +3 Agi


Upgraded at Durga's Dark Armory in Hrukk.

Level 2 Level 3
1 x Magician's Cape 1 x Magician's Cape
1 x Soft Cloth 5 x Soft Cloth
2 x Spirit Shard 5 x Spirit Shard
1 x Spirit Stone 3 x Spirit Stone
1 x Greater Demon Spirit 5 x Greater Demon Spirit
1 x Devil's Onyx 4 x Devil's Onyx